Ugly Tomato Contest

on July 8, 2011

Lori Kaiser

"Joined at the middle."

Thomas Underwood

"Ugly is Ugly!"

Caylan Van Larson

"This is called a Zapotec Pleated."

Summer Serino

"Tomato Butt."

Lauren N. Cline

"This is crazy!"

Tom Olkowski

"This tomato actually grew this way."

Lacey Roy

"Ugly tomato contest :)"

Theda Shipley

"A proud ugly tomato."

Will Sherrer

"For the Ugly Mators competition."

Suzanne Myers

"Mater Horn."

JJ's Cakes

"Home grown California product, not ugly but owgally."

Siyon Subba

"Grown by my aunt in our garden!"

Karen Long

"My UGLY Tomato!"

Jennifer Trenkle

"Here’s our entry…"

Christine Siddens

"Here’s ours…"

Meg Stearn

"My tomato is actually kind of cute…with eyelashes."

Mary Muchmore Ross

"Here’s my ugly tomato!"

Mary Balmat

"This is one ugly tomato"

Pam Hill Blair

"My prized ugly tomato"

Pamela Wear Palmer

"We named this one 'Elephant Man'"

Skyler Allanson

"I got a whole family of perverted tomatoes!"

Lisa Whaley Foy

"U-G-L-Y no excuse."

Ginger Landmann Shryack

"Should have a license for being that ugly :)"

Ashley Eggleston-Rutherford

"Here is our ugly (well maybe more perverted) tomato"

Amanda Thalhammer

"Tomato worms... making ugly tomatoes in North America since 1710."

Welcome to Relish’s Ugly Tomato Contest!

Relish readers have submitted their hideous and prized tomatoes with faces only mothers could love. But as OUR mothers’ taught us, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. So we embrace these juicy ugly ducklings and wish them short but happy lives tossed in herbed tomato salads and mixed in caprese soups.

Julie Baim Fawcett

"Joan's ugly tomato!"

Peter Read Miller

"Here's Kallie's ugly tomato!"

Lisa Floyd

"My son, Jarrett Floyd, has an ugly tomato that wants to be an evil one."

Janice Potter-Davisson

"Eldon's ugliest tomato..."

Caleb Eberhart

"A very ugly veggie..."

Laura Cline

"Come on folks! Have a heart! I'm not ugly!"

Sherry Plummer Armistead

"My sister, Cindy, sent this photo of her 'Ziggy Tomato.'"

Marilyn Dazell McDonald Ottinger

"Can you believe we actually ate this one (after gratuitous trimming)?"

Barbara Carpenter

"My mutant Roma tomato."

Ximena Velásquez Hincapié

"MY ugly tomato."

Chris Lindblom Doughtie

"Here is out entry, it sure looks ugly to me!"

Jill Covington

James Waters

John R McMorris

"Here's my family heirloom ugly tomato, actually called 'The Ugly Limbaugh' :)"

Heather McCarty

"Ugly but taste so good!!"

Melissa Barber

Kimberly Crocker Fitzherbert

Claudine Miranda

"The ugly one."

Brenda Joyner Broome

"This is the second tomato that I got off my vine, but I ate the first ugly one!"

Cheryl Rostron

"My triple defect ugly tomato!"

Laurie Deerr Applebee

"Told one too many lies."

Barbara Boutwell

“Here is my ugly tomato grown in Colorado.”

Pam Neely

"Here’s one view of my ugly tomato. The bottom’s not too pretty either!"

Susie Winegardner Daly

"My tomato gave birth to another one right on top of it!"

Sydnor Malloch

"Here is my ugly tomato from South Carolina.”

Dru Roberts

"What about this tomato? Definitely male!”

Ralph and Martha Gordon

"Our North Georgia ugly tomato!”

Rosemary Stahlbusch

“This tomato was really gross looking with scars on the sides and yellow spots!”

Pat Carter

"This could be the ugliest tomato ever! It was huge too.”

Donna Gideon

Mara Hansen

“Another Ugly Tomato!”

Carla Wiggins Roberts

"This is my ugly purple tomato grown in Texas City, Texas :)”

Betsy Cromer

"My ugly tomato…”

Tina Digiorgio Dutzar

Valerie T. Perez

"Here’s my ugly tomato grown in Kona, Hawaii this winter. Ugly but delish"

Jane Brodie Belanger

“I had a number of 'ugly' Tomatoes!!"

Robin Sullivan

“This is my sister’s version of Minnie Mouse as a tomato”

Tiffany Crouch Netz

“Here is my grandma’s ugly tomato!!!”

Helen Mcdiarmid

"Grew me a little snow man tomato"

Shanon Torgerud

“This is our ugly tomato!”

Renee Pyles

“This tomato was grown by my Mom and me this Summer. I call it, ‘The Give Peace a Chance’ Tomato”

Brenda Collins

“Here is my ugly tomato”

Terry Hoss

“my ugly tomato for thee ugly tomato contest.”

Bronwyn Gethins Morgan

“This is the happy Hanover tomato... looking very much like Charlie Brown. He had many adventures around our house before making his way to a BLT.”

Antonius Dunamis

"This ugly tomato is happy to finally be recognized! He has been in my cell phone for over a year now!"

Susan Eddins Bisulca

"This is from my Uncle Ernie’s garden…sure is ugly…yikes"

David Michael Hall

"Pat and I grew this butt ugly tomato and we want to share the photo with you."

Gina Sbuscio Walters

"Overgrown and ugly!"

Paige Rogolino

"Our ugly tomato!"

Syreeta Gotherown Allen

Howard Crampton Jr.

"Grouchy Tomato >:("

Angela Yarborough

"This tomato is ugly…no butts about it"

Suzanne Watts

"I’m entering this tomato for my grandma. This is without a doubt the ugliest tomato any of us have ever seen!"

Lisa Taylor Carlock

"So ugly we opted not to eat it. Happy summer!"

April Hunsaker Green

"Ugly Tomato from my Father-In-Law’s garden (Glen Green)"

Tim Parr

"Submitting this for my grandpa. Out of the hundreds of pretty tomatoes he has grown this year, this one stands out like a sore thumb!"

Karen Oredson Bentley

“Here is my ugly tomato photo.”

SiuYing Mach

"This my ugly tomato"

Elaine Spears

"The 'ugly' stepsister amongst her beautiful sistas!!!"

Patricia C. Maccariella-Hafey

"Just picked this one today. One UGLY tomato. Think I will use it for salsa."

Judy Rodocker

"This gal is full of babies…"

Jim Kephart

"This tomato was grown in Salida California"

Karen Patton Hamilton

"This is our red snowman with a green scarf"

Tracey Lowe Glenn

"Bobby Lowe’s ugly tomato! My grandpa grew this tomato, and he asked that I enter it in the contest. The thing looks like something that should be surgically removed!"

Faron Rieger

"One view!"

Darshan Healings

"OK, here it is…it has tentacles!"

Robin Wick Roets

Here’s my ugly tomato!!!