Top Food Pinners to Follow on Pinterest

on January 15, 2013

Let the Pinning Begin…

Whether you're new to Pinterest or have been an avid (ahem…addicted) pinner since the site launched back in March 2010, here are 11 favorite accounts the Relish Magazine Pinterest page follows and you should too. We've carefully selected users who consistently pin inspiring food-related content and create boards you will want to return to again and again.

Sarah Kieffer I Vanilla Bean Blog

Favorite Boards: cakes, food photography
Sarah Kieffer brings an elegance to pinning that is directly reflective of the beauty and simplicity found at her blog, The Vanilla Bean Blog. Her pins are never too loud and her artistic eye is preened to pull only the most exquisitely styled recipes around. If you're ever feeling extra-adventurous as a baker, see her cakes board. It's bursting with multitudes of multi-layered goodness.

Marina I YummyMummyKitchen

Favorite Boards: Soup's On!, For the Kidlets
Marina knows her yummy, especially on Pinterest. The blogger behind Yummy Mummy uses her page as a hub for high-styled food pins, personal recipes and mom-focused tips. Her For the Kidlets board is one of our favorites. It's jam packed with sound advice and a mirage of tips for parents varying from discipline to dinner.


Favorite Boards: Eat Drink and Be Merry, Party Party
Elise Joseph (aka Pennyweight) is a connoisseur of quality online content and has amassed over 16 thousand pins that are lovely, timely and attached to content worth checking out. Her Eat Drink and Be Merry board covers everything you could possibly ingest and with over 1,766 pins on the virtual menu, she'll keep you scrolling for hours.

Belinda Da

Favorite Boards: Thai Food, The Menu
Belinda Da is a woman with many interests. She has 143 boards that cover everything from happiness to painted lips—and has 14 focused purely on her gastronomic pursuits. Belinda resides in Thailand, so it's only fitting she has a board dedicated solely to authentic recipes from the region. She even includes the Thai translation on the majority of the pins which makes viewing them a pleasure.

How Sweet Eats

Favorite Boards: Easy Meals, Snacks
Jessica Merchant is the incredibly prolific blogger and talented photographer behind How Sweet Eats. Lucky for us, she approaches her Pinterest with similar zeal and taste. Her Easy Meals board is one to bookmark for simple recipes on weeknights and the simply titled Desserts board is near impossible to look at without salivating.

Bonnie Tsang

Favorite Boards: Eat with Style, Living Spaces
Bonnie Tsang's forte is style and photography and when those strengths are combined with a passion for food on Pinterest, you get food-porn pins that are stunningly beautiful and play to the eyes as much as they do the stomach. She cherry picks only the best from around the web and with over 6 million followers, Bonnie is one of Pinterest's primer leading ladies—just take one look at her Eat With Style board (it boasts over 850 pins!) and it'll be clear why you should join in with the masses.

Cara / Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Favorite Boards:Grilled Cheese, Everyday Dinners
If you're in college, foraging your way through life as an inexperienced twenty-something or simply trying to eat on a budget, Cara from Big Girls, Small Kitchen will be your Pinterest savior. With a board dedicated solely to dressing up grilled cheese and another that schools fellow pinners on everyday dinners, she's a Godsend for the novice cook who aspires to be something great in the kitchen. Be sure to follow SmallKitchenCollege too, a Pinterest account for the strictly college-focused section of Big Girls, Small Kitchen.

Daniel Bear Hunley

Favorite Boards: Gastro, Spirits
Men take note…Daniel Bear Hunley is proof Pinterest is not strictly a woman's world. With over a million followers and an ever-growing Gastro board boasting 400 pins, this is a guy who has great taste and isn't afraid to play in the Pinterest waters. Aside from pinning ultra-comforting recipes, he also has notable boards for men's style, typography and home design without the frills.

Caitlin Roost

Favorite Boards: Food, Evenings Shared
We've been swooning over Caitlin Van Horn's dreamy food blog Roost for quite some time and are thrilled to see her Pinterest boards expressing the same blissful and feminine whimsy. Her penchant for romance and the moody moors of England are evident in the honest and beautifully styled pins on her food board.

Sommer A Spicy Perspective

Favorite Boards: A Spicy Perspective, Yum-Yums
Sommer from A Spicy Perspective is spicing (we couldn't help ourselves) things up on Pinterest with her wide range of bright and approachable recipe pins. We love her A Spicy Perspective board, a nod to her tasty and playful blog, and the variety of community boards she contributes to. Especially "What would you bring to a picnic" manned by 31 food bloggers who know their stuff.

Marla Meridith

Favorite Boards: Fall & Winter Flavors, Pie Please
It's clear Marla Meridith, a blogger at Family Fresh Cooking, photographer and proud resident of Telliride Colorado, draws inspiration chiefly from her mountainous surroundings and love of good (and beautiful) food. You will want to cocoon yourself in her Fall & Winter Flavors board and use it as a visual recipe book from September until March.