Standout Food Instagrams to Follow Now

on December 4, 2014
Emily Blincoe (@thuglifeforevs)

It's Hip to Be in a Square

#Food has been used over 140 million times on Instagram. If hashtags were people, that would be 2 percent of the world's population—and that's not even taking #foodie, #foodporn and hashtag every ingredient on the face of the earth into account (pun intended). To inject some quality foodie inspiration in your life, we've quieted the noise and selected 19 brilliant Instagram accounts in 19 distinct categories that are truly worth a follow. And don't worry, you won't see an onslaught of burlap or overly-excessive posting from these folks.

Molly Yeh

Baker to Follow

Molly Yeh: @Mollyyeh
We love Molly Yeh's scrumptious feed filled with expertly decorated and photographed goodies for many reasons, but it's her hilarious commentary and approachable personality that make her stand out from the rest. Also, she makes a killer homemade funfetti cake.

Joann Pai

Culinary Traveler to Follow

Joann Pai: @Sliceofpai
Stunning Parisian alleyways? Check. A styled picnic in the heart of Tenuta Di Papena, Italy? She's got that, too. Joann Pai's feed is a great mix of imagery from her many travels coupled with pictures of the pretty dines she has along the way.

John Besh

Chef to Follow

John Besh: @chefjohnbesh
Family man John Besh captures life as a world-renowned chef with a surprising amount of relate-ability. Okay, so not all of our kids help us make ravigote, au gratin and baked oysters stuffed with crawfish and crab, but Besh somehow makes it seem standard.

Amber Wilson

Southerner to Follow

Amber Wilson: @Fortheloveofthesouth
This Southern gem has it going on when it comes to quality recipes and creative photography. From Florida to Louisiana to Alabama to Tennessee, Amber Wilson has lived in her fair share of Southern states—and her inspired recipes showcase her adoration for her stomping grounds.

Whitney Adams

Wine Lover to Follow

Whitney Adams: @Ubriaca
Whitney Adams is a boldly funny wino who makes the life of a sommelier seem vibrant and fun rather than elitist (where did that connotation come from anyhow?). She packs her feed with travels, vineyard romps and a whole lot of vino drinking.

Max Poglia

Kitchenware Maker to Follow

Max Poglia: @Maxpoglia
Swoon over the hand-drawn and -forged knives from designer Poglia as they do daily knife duties with unparalleled style.

Red (Hong Yi)

Food Artist to Follow

Red (Hong Yi): @Redhongyi
We're happy to say that playing with your food is back in Vogue. No one knows this better than Hong Yi. who creates incredible paintings and compositions with primarily edible ingredients.

Mimi Thorisson

Francophile to Follow

Mimi Thorisson: @MimiThor
Author, blogger and TV host Mimi Thorisson's feed looks as if it's pulled from a fairytale. Or, more accurately, our wildest dreams. She chronicles life, family and cooking adventures from her Médoc Chateau through photographs—many of which could easily pass for an eighteenth century still life.

Aziz Ansari

Food Loving Celeb to Follow

Aziz Ansari: @Azizansari
It's common knowledge that Aziz Ansari is brilliant at crippling audiences with laughter, but did you know he's also a solid pizza maker? This food lover's feed is half comedy and half food porn—and sometimes they overlap.

Emily Blincoe

Photographer to Follow

Emily Blincoe: @Thuglifeforevs
Emily Blincoe is a master of the capture and really knows her way around photographing color. While she isn't strictly a food photographer like some of the others on this list, Blincoe does have an uncanny eye for arranging candies, cereals and other goodies into works of art.


Food Website to Follow

Food 52: @Food52
Food 52 is an authoritative source for quality recipes from both editors and a vetted food blogging community. Their Instagram feed is a great way to discover new, quality food bloggers to follow and their community hashtag, #F52Grams, boasts over 180 thousand posts from active readers.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Coffee Shop to Follow

Blue Bottle Coffee: @Bluebottle
Keep up with the Oakland, CA based (but ever-expanding) Blue Bottle Coffee empire through their heavily caffeinated feed. The company shares images from shop events along with educational pics from their buyers and producers in Africa and Central America. Oh, and there is plenty of coffee, too.

Josh Hara

Coffee Drinker to Follow

Josh Hara: @yoyoha
Doodlers, take note: Cartoonist Josh Hara proves an artist's canvas can be just about anything. He likes Starbucks coffee cups. He also likes, and is fantastic at, making his followers laugh.

Laura Wright

Vegan to Follow

Laura Wright: @Thefirstmess
This Ontario, Canada based vegan blogger is all about showcasing bright veggie- and fruit-based recipes that are both beautiful and filling. So whether you're vegan or not, chances are if you like eating, you'll be game for the food she shares.

The Mason Shaker

Cocktail Aficionados to Follow

The Mason Shaker: @Masonshaker
Send your cocktail cravings into the stratosphere with Mason Shaker's feed, which makes a point to feature much more than just their quality cocktail supplies. Seriously—someone get us that Spiced Cranberry Cider, stat.

Eva Kosmas

Mood-Lighting Master to Follow

Eva Kosmas Flores: @Evakosmasflores
Eva Kosmas Flores, the blogger behind Adventures in Cooking, really gets us with her styled, moody culinary snapshots. She makes shooting in low light look like a piece of cake—and here's a secret: it's not.


Non-Profit to Follow

Kiva: @kiva_microloans
Kiva is a non-profit that allows users all over the world to provide loans to those in need. The loans help people help themselves by supporting their small businesses, whether they be farmers, crafters or cooks. Kiva's feed shares stories of those who have been helped by the organization and inspires followers to invest compassionately.

Dominique Ansel

Pastry Chef to Follow

Dominique Ansel: @Dominiqueansel
The man behind the cronut has been very busy in the year since creating the most-buzzed-about pastry in recent memory. His feed is a mixture of his iconic creations, travels and occasional selfies with the famous faces he's meeting along the way.

Sara Forte

Foodie Mom to Follow

Sara Forte: @Sproutedkitchen
New mom Sara Forte is charming the pants off her followers these days with her sweet instas featuring her infant son, photographer husband and plates of beautiful (and beautifully whole) foods.