Food Network Stars at Home: Guy Fieri

on August 1, 2011

The Perfect Burger

"A great burger is really good and fresh chuck meat seasoned with a little salt and pepper, with a slice of heirloom tomato, a crunchy pickle and some great onions on top of a Kaiser or whole wheat bun."

Mealtime Staple: Salad

"In California we eat salad like it’s going out of style and we grow some dynamite greens. Man, talk about fantastic and wonderful!"

Guy Fieri Knows Best

A best-selling New York Times cookbook author and popular Food Network chef, Guy Fieri (pronounced Fee-eddy) is best known for digging into the kind of food you typically reserve for special occasions and late nights out. With a career dedicated to discovering "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," you might think the California native consumes more than his fair share of burgers, fries and shakes at home, but you'd be surprised. Fieri recently chatted with Relish, giving us a glimpse of how a tv chef eats in real life, sharing his passion for eating in season, superior tomatoes and cooking with his kids.

Eat Locally

"Go eat an organic carrot from the farmer’s market that isn’t as beautiful as the one from the grocery. That stubby root looking thing will taste so much better."

Eat in Season.

"Eat what is in season. See what this guy down the road is growing and ask him when he picked it, he may have picked it the day before. You don’t get that in the grocery store."


Get Cooking with Kids

"This is generation 'me and now.' When I was growing up, video games were nothing like they are today, you had to go down to the arcade and pay a nickel or something like that to play a game. But now everything is right there in front of our kids when they want it. Take this into consideration when getting them involved in the kitchen. In the beginning, only have them there for the “wow” moments like when the dish comes out of the oven, or something exciting happens. A kid’s not going to want to be there from the beginning to watch pasta boil. Work them up and they will start to appreciate the steps that get them to the “wow” moments."

The Superior Tomato

"Don’t accept a tomato that was brought to maturity in a hothouse. Get it straight from the vine. You can even grow a tomato plant in a 3 gallon bucket on your back porch."

Food Obsession: Kale

"My new obsession is kale. I’ll tell you what, kale sautéed in white wine with vinegar, mixed with garlic, onion, bell peppers, a little bit of garlic powder and a touch of butter and is so good. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!"

Make It Fresh

"I love cooking with my kids. We have a wood-fire pizza oven in our backyard that we love to cook on. But you can buy a $4-$5 pizza stone and make your own fresh pizzas on a grill. When you make it fresh you know exactly what you’re getting."