9 Beef Recipes That Sizzle

on June 19, 2011


Dress up a pound of lean ground beef—and feed a hungry crowd—with a pan of lasagna. This version uses no-cook noodles, a simplifying, time-saving step.


The beef used in Pho is cut paper-thin so it can cook in the fragrant broth spiced with cloves, anise and cinnamon.

Barbecue Burger

We skipped a step and built the barbecue sauce right into this juicy, spicy burger .

Roast Beef Wraps

Sometimes the best beef is the cut you don't have to cook. These easy-peasy Roast Beef Wraps are rolled and ready to go in minutes. Serve with a warm mug of veggie soup and you will be too.

Beef and Veggie Pockets

A breezy summer evening makes dinner on the patio a pleasure. No-muss, no-fuss pita pockets stuffed with beef, veggies, and piquant yogurt sauce are a nice change from burgers.

Steak and Cracked Wheat Salad

Lemony marinade flecked with cumin delivers a tender flank steak—the starring ingredient in this wholesome but undeniably indulgent main-dish salad.

Rosa di Parma

Some dishes are worth taking your time over—this is one of them. Rosa di Parma, an Italian stuffed beef tenderloin, is rich with Old World flavor, and a perfect special-occasion dish guaranteed to dazzle guests.

Rosemary Beef Kabobs

Ready-made marinade takes the work out of rosemary-suffused sirloin kabobs . Add a side of garlicky white beans and dinner is served.

The Perfect Steak

A perfectly cooked steak is one of the most satisfying meals imaginable. Whether you like yours with a side of frites or topped with a Latin-inspired Chimichurri Sauce, this recipe will deliver a perfect steak everytime.