Spicy & Smokey Tomato Lobster Soup

  • Yield: 8 cups


28ounces plum tomatoes, in juice
15.5ounces tomato puree
48fluid ounces chicken broth
2tablespoons liquid smoke
6large basil leaves
1large onion, chopped
4large garlic cloves, choped
6-8slices pancetta, chopped
2teaspoons italian seasonings
2teaspoons crushed red pepper
1tablespoon sriracha**more or less**
1-2teaspoons smoked sea salt
1cup heavy whipping cream
2pounds lobster meat, cooked & sliced


  1. in a large heated stock pot, fry pancetta until cispy.  add onions, garlic, italian seasoning. saute until veggies are soft 
  2. add lobster broth, tomatoes, puree, basil, liquid smoke, pepper, sriracha and salt to the pot. simmer for a 15 minutes. blend with an immersion blender “boat motor” until smooth consistancy .  simmer      simm si
  3. simmer for 10 more minutes.  add cream and stir until creamy and hot.  top with lobster.  garnish with croutons and green onion

**smoke roma tomatoes for 20 minutes.  omit 1st ingredient and liquid smoke**