Spanakopita Quiche

Jessica Merchant
  • Yield: 8 servings


1tablespoon butter
1-- onion, chopped
1clove garlic, chopped
10ounces frozen chopped spinach, thawed, drained well
1-- (9-inch) piecrust
1tablespoon all-purpose flour
1/2cup parmesan
1/3cup feta, crumbled
5-- eggs
1/2cup 2% milk
1/2teaspoon salt
1/4teaspoon pepper
1/8teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8teaspoon dried dill (optional)


  1. Melt butter in a heavy medium skillet over medium-high heat.  Add onion and garlic and sauté until translucent, about 8 minutes.  Add spinach and stir until spinach is dry, about 3 minutes. Let cool slightly.
  2. Preheat oven to 375F.
  3. Place piecrust (home-made or store-bought) in a 9-inch quiche dish or pie pan.  Press into pan, sealing any cracks.  Trim edges.
  4. Mix flour with parmesan and sprinkle over bottom of crust, followed by the crumbled feta. Top with spinach mixture. Beat eggs, milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg in large bowl to blend. Pour over spinach. Bake about 50 minutes, until top is set and a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Let cool slightly.  Cut in to wedges and serve.

Nutritional Info *per serving

  • Calories 232
  • Fat 14g
  • Cholesterol 150mg
  • Sodium 563mg
  • Carbohydrate 17g
  • Fiber 1g
  • Protein 9g