Quinoa Linguine with Tomatoes and Bacon with Avocado and Lime Dressing

  • Yield: 4 servings


8ounces quinoa linguine
2medium avocados, chopped
1small lime, juiced and zested
3tablespoons mayonnaise
1tablespoon olive oil
6 bacon, diced
1cup cherry tomatoes, halved


  1. Cook quinoa linguine as instructed on box. Strain and reserve.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix avocados, lime juice and half of lime zest, mayonnaise and olive oil. Blend with immersion blender (or regular blender) until smooth. Adjust seasonings with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.
  3. Cook bacon in cast iron pan and add cherry tomatoes when bacon is desired crispness. Do NOT remove bacon fat, this adds flavor to dish.
  4. Stir in Avocado Lime sauce and serve. Sprinkle with lime zest and if you have extra avocado lime sauce, serve with a dollop on top.