Pumpkin Cheese Bread

Photography by © Paulette Tavormina
  • Yield: 1 Loaf servings


3 1/2 to 3 3/4cups all-purpose flour, spooned and leveled
1tablespoon light brown sugar
2 1/4 (1 envelope)teaspoons rapid-rise yeast
1 1/4teaspoons salt
1/8teaspoon cayenne pepper
3/4cup canned unsweetened pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix)
1cup shredded medium or sharp yellow Cheddar cheese
1tablespoon unsalted butter, softened
1units large egg yolk, lightly beaten with 1 teaspoon water


  1. In a large bowl, stir together 31/2 cups of the flour, and the brown sugar, yeast, salt, and cayenne. Add 1 cup water, the pumpkin, and cheese, and mix until well combined. The dough will be slightly sticky.
  2. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and knead until it forms a smooth ball. (Add up to 1/4 cup more flour if needed.) Sprinkle a large bowl with flour and add the ball of dough, turning to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
  3. The next day take the dough out of the refrigerator, transfer to a lightly floured work surface, and flatten the dough to a rough rectangle with your hands. Use the butter to coat a 9 x 5-inch loaf pan. Roll the dough up into a cylindrical shape and place seam-side down in the loaf pan. Cover loosely with plastic wrap or a clean kitchen towel and let rise at room temperature for 1 to 1 1/4 hours, or until almost doubled in volume.
  4. Meanwhile, when the dough has risen for 35 minutes, preheat the oven to 375°F.
  5. Slash the loaf down the center with a sharp knife. Brush the loaf with the egg-water wash. Bake for 50 minutes, or until the bottom of the loaf sounds hollow when tapped. Turn the bread out of the pan and onto a rack. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Recipes and images reprinted with permission from The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook © 2011 by Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Sterling Epicure, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.