Ice Age DIY: Scrat’s Acorn Goodie Bags

Scrat's Acorn Goodie Bags
Shannon McCook


Small brown paper bag
Brown card stock
Double-sided tape
Green card stock
Raffia ribbon


  1. Open a small brown paper bag and hold it from the inside with one hand. With your other hand, push
in the left and right sides of the bag’s base so the bottom of the bag comes to a point. This is the base 
of the acorn. Remove your hand and staple the point to reinforce the shape.
  2. Fill the bag with goodies and staple closed.
  3. Cut an acorn top out of brown card stock.
  4. With a craft knife, lightly score a cross-hatch pattern into the acorn top. Using double-sided tape, attach the acorn top to the paper bag base.
  5. Cut a small leaf out of green card stock, then punch a hole in the top of it.
  6. Write the name of the goodie bag recipient on the leaf, then insert string or raffia ribbon into the hole and tie it around the acorn’s stem.