Baby Butter Burgers

  • Yield: 30 pieces


1/2pound ground beef (85% lean), or pork, turkey or chicken work too
1/4teaspoon each: salt and pepper
1-- sleeve Ritz Crackers
4-6tablespoons spreadable cheese (I use Kaukauna brand, sharp cheddar or port wine)
4small tomatoes (sliced) or use cherry tomatoes cut in half
4large lettuce leaves (torn small) (optional)
1tablespoon butter (for cooking)
1dash condiments of choice (optional)
1small sliced onion (optional)


Prepare all the vegetables, set aside to wait for assembly.

Spread cheese onto Ritz Crackers, set aside to wait for assembly.

Form thin, larger than the cracker size burgers.  Grill, griddle or fry burgers dabbing each one with a dot of butter and sprinkling with salt and pepper.  These cook fast only a couple of minutes!

Put hot little baby butter burgers onto the cheese and crackers.

Put which ever vegetables you desire onto the crackers or burgers in what order you like!

Have condiments availabe for those who like them… but they are great without!