Say YES to Sangria! 10 Recipes to Sip All Season Long

By Katherine Foreman on April 18, 2016

The right sangria recipe can turn the stickiest summer day into something sweet and satisfying in just a few simple steps, and only a few simple ingredients.


Melon Sangria

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Clear grape brandy, moscato wine and mixed melon balls make this sangria recipe one worth repeating.



Rainbow Sangria

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Cheers to making life a little more colorful—one glass at a time.

Gimme Some Oven


Strawberry Sangria

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Keep it simple with this easy, strawberry-infused white wine sangria.

BHG Delish Dish


Carolina Peach Sangria

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'Tis the season! Peach season, we mean. Throw some wine and brandy into the mix, and we're in serious business.

My Recipes


Summer Fruit Sangria

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One very customizable sangria recipe that allows you to mix and match your favorite fresh fruit additions.

Martha Stewart


Rosé Sangria

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This sangria boasts a refreshing, pinked-hued base of rosé wine.

A Spicy Perspective


Watermelon Sangria

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Brunch bragging rights are on the line. And this summer-perfect sangria will be the ace up your sleeve from here on out.

Real Housemoms


Red Wine Sangria

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This traditional red wine sangria is a can't-miss, but just in case, the team at The Kitchn has provided a handful of variations to choose from.

The Kitchn


Spiced Apple Cider Sangria

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Pair white wine and white rum with crisp apples and cinnamon for a comforting sip to take you from summer straight into fall.

Kitchen Treaty


Christmas Sangria

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Don't be deceived. This sangria blend can (and should) be enjoyed year-round. Throw in a little ginger beer to taste, and you're as good as gold.

Half Baked Harvest