10 Iced Tea Cocktails for Porch Season

By Katherine Foreman on April 18, 2016

Sun’s out, rum’s out! Summer’s the time for tall glasses of iced tea galore, and these deliciously boozy twists on a warm weather favorite will keep your pitchers flowing all season long. Read on for a little tea-spiration from 10 of the top shared tea cocktails on social media this week.


Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea

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Raspberry liqueur and vodka lend a little special occasion flair to plain ol' black tea. (Don't forget the fresh raspberries for garnish.)

The Cookie Rookie


Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea

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Sweet peach-infused tea is a Southern favorite come summertime. Add a splash of your favorite bourbon for a very grown-up variation.

Host the Toast


Chamomile Honey Whiskey Cocktail

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The ultimate iced tea cocktail for a relaxing late afternoon porch-sit, this one is laced with soothing honey, lemon, chamomile tea—and a generous splash of whiskey or bourbon.

A Cozy Kitchen


Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojitos

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Make a pitcher to share at brunch or keep the sweet, sweet spoils of this mashup all to yourself.

Iowa Girl Eats


Iced Green Tea Mojitos

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Green tea, mint and cucumber—perhaps the ultimate refreshing cocktail combo. Pro tip: leave out the rum for a digestive aid and liver detoxifying drink!

Primally Inspired


Moroccan Mojitos

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The combination of dark and white rum makes this black tea cocktail one for the books—and beaches.

Bojon Gourmet


Earl Grey Cider Cocktails

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The deliciously cool tastes of summer meet a flavorful nod to some cold weather favorites in this brilliant concoction.

With Food and Love


Bourbon Slush Punch

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What do you get when you stir orange juice, lemon juice, mint leaves, sugar, dark tea and bourbon into the same glass? The real question is what DON'T you get?

Garden and Gun


Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

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Gotta love a cocktail that tastes as pretty as it looks. The strawberry and chamomile flower garnish is an optional step, but we don't recommend skipping it.

Half Baked Harvest


Lavender Green Tea and Gin Cocktail

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Forget gin and tonics—gin and lavender tea is right where you wanna be when the weather gets warm.

Honest Cooking