This and That: April 2013

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on April 9, 2013
April Issue

From the Editor
THE RELISH GARDEN SIGNAs the mom of a 12-year-old, I find nature deficit disorder—the disconnect between children and nature—alive and well. Video games, structured schedules and shopping malls conspire to keep our kids out of the woods, literally. Here’s one way to fight back—grow something, anything.
Now’s the time. Plant tomatoes in a pot or herbs on the windowsill or try something more adventurous. For a great beginner’s gardening how-to, read on.   —Jill Melton

The Best Things You Can Eat

Like you, we love lists. That’s why we love this new book by registered dietitian Dave Grotto. It contains a
Grotto_BestThings_mech.inddlist for everything from the top 8 foods to fight cancer to the best ones for lowering cholesterol (almonds and apples are the top 2). Our favorite list:

7 Memory- Boosting Foods
grape juice or wine
olive oil

Source: The Best Things You Can Eat, by Dave Grotto, RD, Lifelong Books, 2013.

Seed Savers

We salute the Basalt Public Library, in Basalt, Colo., where you can check out packets of seeds. You plant, grow and harvest the crop, then save some seeds to return to the library to be loaned again. Talk about a food chain.

Tiny Bubbles
SodaStream_SOURCE_Blue_PrintLove fizzy water? Try SodaStream, a home soda maker that infuses carbonation into plain tap water with a simple three- second press. You’ll save money and use far fewer cans and bottles. And kids will love making the fizzy water. When it’s mixed with juice, it’s far healthier than soda. In addition, the carbon footprint is 80 percent less than bottled water. Available at home stores everywhere.
(To see the story of bottled water, go to

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