Safe Sustainable Seafood

on January 30, 2009
Mark Boughton Photography / styling: Teresa Blackburn

To help you choose the “healthiest fish in the sea,” chefs, pediatricians and sustainable food experts have collaborated on a program called KidSafe Seafood ( The program assesses 65 of the most commonly eaten seafoods and ranks them based on safety (lack of contaminants such as mercury and PCBs), nutrition and environmental friendliness. Their top picks are, luckily, some of kids’ favorites—wild Alaskan salmon (preferably pink, Coho or chum), tilapia (preferably U.S. or Central American), shrimp (preferably Northern U.S. and Canadian), farmed bay scallops, farmed blue mussels and farmed U.S. crayfish.

But just as many kids (and their parents) have adopted a vegetarian eating style due to animal-rights concerns, some shy away from seafood due to concerns over habitat damage, overfishing and bycatch issues. The Monterey Bay Aquarium takes the concerns seriously, and on the organization’s website (, you’ll find not only in-depth discussions of coastal and ocean habitats but also a guide that presents the best choices of seafood from abalone to yellowtail.

Take a look at the guide, and then try our sensational seafood recipes.

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