Marmalade Muffins, Macaroons and Scones

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on September 26, 2012
Almond Macaroons
Tara Fisher

Home-baked classics like macaroons are more popular than ever as cooks rediscover and master old favorites.

In fact, all kinds of artisanal and heirloom techniques are finding their way into home kitchens once again. Hungry for creamy fresh ricotta? Curious to sip sweet and strong plum-infused brandy? Get a headstart on kitchen projects large and small with A Country Cook’s Kitchen, a friendly, easy-to-use companion.

A Country Cook’s Kitchen collects dozens of projects that turn you into a person who preserves lemons, makes salt beef, bakes jellyrolls and shapes chocolate truffles.  

Products like these carry gourmet prices in the store but are completely doable in a home kitchen.

There’s something for every ability. Cooks with a fear of commitment can try a one-stepper like pickled red cabbage. Terrine of duck is a multi-day challenge for cooks who love a long, thoughtful effort with an impressive result.

Find your kitchen style with these three easy, easier, easiest kitchen projects.

—By Nicki Pendleton Wood

A Country Cook's Kitchen by Alison Walker, photographs by Tara Fisher


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