The Relish Local Favorites Sweepstakes

Regional Food
on February 28, 2014
Local Favorites Sweepstakes

At Relish, we revere local businesses and eateries that put good food first and by doing so, are able to reinforce cultural identity and pride in their patrons. They are the reason we want bagels in New York City, crawfish in Louisiana and Hoosier pie in Indiana.

To celebrate their contributions, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks over at for a sweepstakes honoring YOUR local favorites. All you need to do is “Like” Relish Magazine on Facebook, fill out a quick form (in case you win!) and tell us about your favorite hometown stop.

Five randomly selected winners will win $100 gift certificates to The establishment, business or artisan with the most entries will be featured on


To help inspire you to recall your favorites, here are a few choice local joints from the Goldbely staff. Best part? All of the items listed below can be ordered through and shipped right to your door. Yes—even the fresh-out-of-the-oven loaves of bread.

Salt Lick Bar-B-Que

Salt Lick

Located: Driftwood, TX

The roots of Salt Lick Bar-B-Que run back to Mississippi in the mid-1800s. Scott Roberts, the current owner of the Salt Lick, had a great-grandmother, Bettie Howard, who came to this land from Desoto, Miss. in 1867. On the trip by wagon train to Driftwood, Bettie barbecued meat by searing it and then slow-cooking it over coals—the same method the family uses today.

Rappahannock River Oysters


Located: Topping, VA

Established in 1899 by a young James Croxton, Rappahannock River Oysters + Clams has gone from serving local dinner tables to supplying some of the world’s finest restaurants. Their incredibly fresh and tasty bivalves are all native to the Chesapeake Bay, which for centuries has been exalted for its seafood.

Boudin Bakery 

Boudin Bakery

Located: San Francisco, CA

In 1849, the Boudin family struck culinary gold. Wild yeasts in the San Francisco air had imparted a unique tang to their traditional French bread, giving rise to “San Francisco sourdough French bread.” Today, the Boudin family’s original recipe lives on in the hands and hearts of their expert bakers, with a portion of the very first mother dough still starting each and every sourdough loaf that is made. From a tiny, old-world bakery on San Francisco’s Dupont Street, Boudin has emerged as San Francisco’s oldest continuously running company.

William Greenberg Desserts

Black and White Cookies

Located: New York, NY

A beloved classic since 1946, New Yorkers are fiercely loyal to this quintessential local delight—it’s been voted the “Best of New York” and even Jerry Seinfeld knows the best way to eat them: by getting some black and some white in every bite. “Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate,” says Jerry, explaining the delicate art of eating these cake-like treasures in Seinfeld episode 74.

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