Pick a Peck of …

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on August 9, 2012

Step into the Pickle Guys, a small storefront at the corner of Essex and Grand streets in New York’s Lower East Side, to sample every kind of pickle imaginable. Not content with mere half-sours, the Pickle Guys also serve up pickled okra, garlic, peppers, mangoes, tomatillos, mushrooms and tomatoes, in the great Jewish tradition. Today’s Pickle Guys remain under rabbinical supervision and follow recipes passed down through several generations. The result: delicious juicy pickles and a line snaking round the orange barrels and out the door. The popular pickles popularity is spreading to Brooklyn with a Pickle Guys shop on Coney Island Avenue.

While nothing beats a trip to the store, you can taste an old-fashioned kosher pickle for yourself. Visit pickleguys.com for mail orders.

Cheyenna Weber