Mom 100: Kid Pleaser

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on July 25, 2012
The Mom 100 Cookbook

From mom and food editor Katie Workman comes a must-have cookbook for every family: The Mom 100 Cookbook, 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket. It’s sure to become your new “go-to” resource.

Pasta with Meatballs and Sauce uses the classic combination of beef, pork and veal, but ever the pragmatist, Workman says, “Do not make yourself in any way crazy about the one third, one third, one third thing.”

The sauce uses canned crushed tomatoes and tomato paste, and it’s “ridiculously easy,” she says. “Just imagine how pleased you will be if you make a double batch and put half or more in the freezer for another couple of dinners. Even if you make just one batch, you will have enough left for another pound of pasta later in the week, or you can freeze that half for another time.”

Kitchen Sink Chopped Salad is a perfect way to use the dribs and drabs of any vegetables lurking in your fridge: “Step 1: Open vegetable bins and peer inside. Step 2: Save any slightly depressing looking vegetables for soup and pull out the rest for this big-bowl salad.”Food Editor Katie Workman presents 100 super kid-friendly recipes.

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