15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

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on October 22, 2015
Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Ah, the holiday season—it’s like March Madness for hobby home cooks. A little bit frantic, and a whole lot of fun. This time of year, we’re happy to accept a little extra help wherever we can find it, whether it be in the form of extra cooks in the kitchen (but not too many), a go-to menu of tried and true recipes, or an arsenal of super handy, time-saving gadgets.

Today, we’re zeroing in on weaponry. These 15 affordable kitchen tools will be your best allies in obtaining optimum efficiency in the kitchen—all available on Amazon, for $30 or less.


Instant Read Thermometer ($13)

Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

For whole roasted turkey and chicken, a reliable meat thermometer is a must. This digital thermometer offers up a digital read within 7 seconds and comes complete with a kitchen probe, making it perfect for not only meats, but also for frying liquid and homemade holiday candy recipes. Buy now on Amazon.


Pumpkin Gutter ($12)

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

This gutting attachment is ideal for hollowing out pumpkins and other hard winter squash varieties—without damaging seeds, if you subscribe to the “whole pumpkin” approach. The attachment is compatible with most electric and cordless drills to get the job done in a hurry, and it’s dishwasher safe to boot. Buy now on Amazon.


Bear Paws Meat Handlers ($12)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Once your meat reaches its ideal temperature and has been allowed time to rest, get it plate-ready in a hurry with these heavy-duty meat handler forks. Stay-cool handles make them safe for using on hot items, and they’re perfectly suited as a carving accompaniment, shredding tool, or serving utensil (think easy-grip salad tongs). Buy now on Amazon.


Wilton Icing Spatula ($5)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Trust us, the right tool makes all the difference. Sure, you can ice your baked goodies with a butter knife, but things will run a lot more smoothly if you’re outfitted with a tool specifically designed for the task. Buy now on Amazon.


OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoops ($13-$15)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Make perfectly uniform cookies in a hurry with this easy-grip cookie scoop (available in three sizes) from the ever-reliable OXO. We know, we know. Licking the spoon is half the fun. But this baby will save you time and batter. Buy now on Amazon.


Wilton 3-Tier Cooling Rack ($10)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Short on kitchen space? Capitalize on both bake time and breathing room with a cooling rack like this steel version from Wilton, featuring three sturdy tiers, so you can cool multiple creations at once—and keep the momentum going. Buy now on Amazon.


Lodge Hot Handle Holder ($5)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

For the uber-efficient home cook (and the accident prone), this heat-resistant silicone gripper from Lodge allows you to handle your cast iron in a hurry, with no fumbling and no burns. Because first aid takes time, you know. Buy now on Amazon.


OXO Stainless Steel Scraper and Chopper ($10)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

The ultimate ally for efficient baking (and beyond), this multipurpose stainless steel blade is the ideal choice for sectioning and scraping. Buy now on Amazon.


Fruit and Vegetable Spiralizer ($30)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

For quickly creating perfectly uniform fruit and vegetable ribbons, a spiralizer is the way to go. This tri-blade slicer from Spiralizer comes complete with three settings to serve a number of purposes—anything from baked goods to hearty soups to the prettiest of salads. Buy now on Amazon.


Ultra Sharp Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler ($10)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

For a hand-held (and easily portable) alternative, this ultra-sharp precision tool doubles as a peeler and julienne slicer—much faster than using a knife, and much simpler than breaking out the spiralizer when you’re tackling a small job. Buy now on Amazon.


Multi-Blade Herb Scissors ($10)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Whether ingredient or garnish, fresh herbs are a must during the holiday season. These multi-blade herb scissors are a must-have for saving time on prep, and they come complete with a specialized tool for easy cleaning. Buy now on Amazon.


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Flexible Cutting Boards ($18 for set of 3)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

A set of flexible cutting boards like this color-coded collection from Norpro goes a long way towards efficient food prep. Simply chop your ingredients, fold, and transport straight to the stovetop. Plus, each board is designated for a certain type of ingredient—so there’s no need to re-wash boards multiple times for a single recipe. Buy now on Amazon.


3-in-1 Quick Wine Chiller ($18)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Guests on the way? Or perhaps you like a glass of white while you prep. Hey, no judgment here. Whatever the case may be, this top-rated wine chilling wand—complete with aerator and pouring spout—will chill your bottle in a hurry. Buy now on Amazon.


Large 7.3 Quart Salad Spinner ($25)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

The days of shaking a colander of wet greens into submission are long gone. It’s high time you got yourself a salad spinner. Buy now on Amazon.


The Ove Glove ($14)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Another must-have for maximizing speed in the kitchen year round—The Ove Glove. Traditional oven mitts are swell, but this baby allows for the use of all five digits. Designed for handling hot items, but just as useful for handling ultra-cold ones. Buy now on Amazon.


Knife Sharpener ($6)

15 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Nothing worse than a dull blade, folks. Not only are dull knife blades dangerous, they’re a drain on your precious prep time. Keep your tools sharpened and at the ready with this two-stage knife sharpener from Kitchen IQ. Buy now on Amazon.

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