Hamburger Helpers

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on July 23, 2012
Hamburger Helpers
Mark Boughton/styling by: Teresa Blackburn

Kid-sized palates need kid-sized food. Enter sliders, the perfect burger for kids, and frankly, lots of moms, too. Ours use turkey instead of beef for a lighter burger that lets the other flavors shine through. Here are four invaluable tips for making burgers with kids:

1. Have kids wash hands, and mix burger ingredients by hand.
2. Shape burgers and place between sheets of wax paper and refrigerate.

3. Don’t press down when cooking—valuable juices will be lost.
4. Use both light and dark meat turkey for a super moist burger.

In Turkey Vegetable Sliders, zucchini, carrot, feta and lemon juice make a light, bright burger with the flavors of summer. In Turkey Caprese Sliders, slices of fresh mozzarella are sandwiched between patties before cooking, for an oozing taste of cheese in every bite. Topped with fresh garden tomatoes and avocado (we couldn’t resist), these sliders are summer at its best.

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