How to Make Grown Up Jello Shots

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on June 18, 2014
Bushwacker Jelly Shot

With Fourth of July festivities around the corner, we recommend you give a little extra thought to that all-important drink menu. Think fun, cold and party-ready. Think jello shots. No, we’re not joking, but we’re certainly not suggesting you recreate the sickening, vodka concoctions of your college days either.

The following jello shots are a bit more grown up and genuinely delicious. They have creative flavors and presentations, but of course, still scream “party!” As all drinks on the Forth should.

Spiked Gumball Jello Shots

With a pop of pink and a sugary flavor, these jello shots are like bubble gum that you can actually swallow. Since this simple recipe requires just a few ingredients, it will be an easy addition to your Fourth of July menu.

Fruity Loops Jello Shots

Keep the kids away—these adorable shots are made for grownups! Whether you loved Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops as a kid, you will love this loopy vodka-infused jello shot. Stick to only blue and red food coloring for a patriotic “bowl of cereal.”

Bushwacker Jello Shots

If any of your guests are coffee-lovers, then this recipe is a must. The combination of vanilla, coffee, amaretto, rum and coconut is rich with flavor and tastes like a refreshing iced mocha with the chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

Root Beer Cask Jello Shots

While the kids are sipping on root beer floats, make a root beer concoction of your own with this root beer jello shot.

Creamsicle Mimosa Jelly Shots

This classy and creamy shot is pretty to serve, and the mixture of orange, rum and sparkling wine makes it a soothing summer treat.