Ground and Round, Meatballs Are Beloved Globally

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on July 6, 2012

More fun per bite, and easier to eat: no wonder so many of the world’s cuisines include meatballs.

Rock Rodgers, prolific cook and author, serves up a meaty selection of 50 great meatball recipes from the popular to the obscure in I Love Meatballs!

Making meatballs is fun, even more so as a group. Bring the family, bring the guests. Children can help dig into the mixture and shape meatballs, all the while learning a useful kitchen task. While you’re at it, make enough for later—meatballs freeze beautifully.

Shaping your own means picking any form or size, from tiny cocktail bites to grand Chinese lion’s head meatballs to oval kebabs.

Italian meatballs are probably the most familiar to American, beloved by home cooks and restaurant goers alike.  There’s much more to explore in I Love Meatballs.

China has “lion’s head” meatballs, Vietnam has thit vien, Iran has kofteh and Swedes have been enjoying frikadeller for centuries.

Of course, taste is the other reason to love a meatball. Lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, even salmon works as a meatball.

Meatballs in soup, meatballs on skewers, meatballs with noodles, meatballs on buns, meatballs in flatbread—meatballs are right at home on the plate, in the bowl or in hand.

I Love Meatballs! by Ric Rodgers (Andrews McMeel, 2011)

–By Nicki Pendleton Wood