GIRLS: An Inspired Recipe Collection

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on January 8, 2014

One of the year’s most talked, tweeted and blogged about shows, HBO’s GIRLS, is making its much-anticipated return to HBO this Sunday, January 12th. Both lauded and loathed, the show chronicles the life and times of Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) and her friends as they take on the less-than-glamourous trials of twenty-somethings living and (sort of) working in New York City.

GIRLS GuideAnd with those trials come romantic (and sometimes less-than-romantic) trysts, meltdowns, identity crises and realizations, questionable fashion and many an awkward dinner conversation. To celebrate the premiere, we paired some of our own recipes and a few from The Unofficial GIRLS Guide to New York with a few of our favorite scenes. For more recipes and details on the real life locations of the show, we highly recommend picking up a copy of the detailed guide. Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Adam and Hannah’s Granola

4. Adam and Hnnah

The relationship between Hannah and boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver) certainly has its fair share of ups and downs. From his deviant interests to Hannah’s lack of communication, some may say they are a match made in hell. Even so, there are delightful glimmers of tenderness between the couple—enter the episode “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too” where the pair blow off steam and enjoy bowls of cereal (in matching onesies, we might add) after a tense argument. Though we can’t see these two making their granola from scratch, we think this Easy Homemade Granola with Raisins makes a fine nod to the scene.

Jessa’s White Russian

13. White Russian

When the free-spirited Jessa (Jemima Kirke) realizes she’s pregnant in the pilot episode, she is less than enthused and has her friends arrange for her to see a specialist. Moments before the appointment, she dips in to Tom & Jerry’s Bar to procrastinate and orders a White Russian. Here’s that classic recipe, courtesy of Tom & Jerry’s.

Cafe Grumpy’s Bundt Cake 

9. Grumpys

Desperate for some income, Hannah finds herself working for Cafe Grumpy near the end of the first season. The store, managed by her cynical but oft-misunderstood friend Ray, is actually a real stop in Brooklyn. And they have their very own specialty inspired by the show—a heavenly Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake.

A GIRLS Wedding Cake

6. Jessa Wedding

Always one for risk-taking, Jessa shocks her friends in the season one finale by marrying her polar opposite and love interest of two weeks, Thomas-John (Chis O’Dowd) in a surprise ceremony. Despite the suddenness of it all, the couple still manages to score a stunning, multi-tiered wedding cake. Our take is a coconut cake boasting three layers of its own and a tropical flavor sure to thrill Jessa’s globetrotting tastebuds.

Hannah’s Pad Thai

2. Pad Thai

In season two, Hannah flexes her fledging domestic skills by hosting a grown-up dinner party starring homemade Pad Thai. Her good intentions immediately go array once best friend Marnie (Allison Williams) starts butting heads with her ex’s new girlfriend, and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) has an unwelcome epiphany about her boyfriend, Ray. All that is to say—little of the Pad Thai gets touched. Do Hannah a favor and lend her recipe the glory it deserves.

A Better Bundt

3. Bundt Cake
While you’re at it, it’s only fitting to recreate the deserted bundt cake dessert Hannah went to great lengths to frost—all by herself. Our version? A Honey-Spiced Chai Bundt Cake that is as moist as it is delicious.

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