Salt Blends Add Loads of Flavor to Grilled Chicken

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on July 10, 2012

Salt is the single most effective flavor enhancer for food, intensifying flavors and adding complexity to anything you cook.  Using salt right can mean the difference between a good meal and a great one. Best-selling cookbook authors, grilling experts, and food connoisseurs, David Joachim and Andy Schloss, have set out to help home cooks master the art of using salt for quick and easy delicious outdoor grilled meals this summer.  Last year they created Chef Salt, a line of hand-crafted, small batch artisanal salts, and began educating consumers on the art of salt.
“American cooks are rediscovering the joy of good ingredients simply prepared,” Schloss and Joachim explain. “We want to combine America’s oldest cooking occasion – outdoor grilling – with its newest obsession: preserving the integrity of high-quality ingredients. One of the simplest ingredients to use is salt. A good, high-quality salt can enhance anything you prepare and make the biggest difference in flavor and taste."

Schloss and Joachim are specialists in the craft of using artisan salt to achieve the fullest flavors in food. They scoured the globe to discover the finest salts for their products. The salts in their product line, Chef Salt, come from Morocco, Hawaii, Japan, France, Pakistan, Bali, Wales, the Himalayas, Italy, Korea, and coastal Maine. Each salt was  chosen for its outstanding flavor and color as well as its unique mineral content, moisture content, and crystal shape. They carefully match each salt to the particular mix of peppers, leaves, roots, barks, buds, seeds, and other herbs and spices in each blend.

Schloss and Joachim started Chef Salt after meeting international salt expert Mark Bitterman. The three of them instantly found common ground on the subject of flavor and agreed that the best flavor comes from ingredients carefully grown and harvested in small batches by experienced farmers. They also agreed that there are tricks to making these ingredients work together to achieve the best results. After hours of riding bikes, tasting salts, cooking food, and sipping Scotch, the trio had an idea for a line of seasoning blends that would match the world's most majestic salts to equally magical combinations of herbs and spices.

They spent the next year developing blends, tweaking and tasting each one, adding or omitting ingredients and refining the proportions. Each blend was then extensively tested taking advantage of their friends in the culinary community to share the blends with scores of professional chefs, food experts, and home cooks.

Chef Salt currently has 6 small batch blends: 7 Salt, Bacon BBQ, Bamboo Curry, NY Steak, Tuscan Herb and Tunisian Fire, and are sold in retail outlets across the country including Crate & Barrel, Whole Foods Markets (mid-Atlantic region), United Supermarkets in Texas, and specialty stores such as The Meadow (New York, N.Y. and Portland, Or.) and  They are also available on the Chef Salt website.

Here's a healthy and easy recipe for the grill, using Chef Salt's Tunisian Fire blend.