Exciting, Beautiful Food That's Also (By the Way) Meatless

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on July 6, 2012

“Good vegetarian food is now just good food. “ So says blogger Michael Natkin, whose Herbivoracious blog—and now cookbook of the same name—take vegetarian and vegan food into territory new to many who choose a meatless way of eating, at least occasionally.

America’s taste, shopping options and cooking have grown up since the vegetarian cookbooks of the 1960s and 1970s. Vegetarian food grew up too. For Herbivoracious, Natkin uses fresh produce in season, authentic ingredients and international seasonings to create layers of satisfying flavor that don’t even bother trying to imitate meat. Instead of lentil loaf and soy burgers, he offers Chanterelle Banh Mi Bites and Persian Rice Pilaf with a Crispy Crust.

Vegetarian food as Natkin prepares it is flavored up, fresh and every bit as adventurous as meat-based cooking. Crispy Polenta Cakes with White Beans and Morels offer more flavor and textural interest in every bite than a chicken breast or pork chop. With exciting dishes like Rice Vermicelli with Ginger-Grapefruit Sauce and Spicy Corn and Potato Stew, who’ll miss the meat?

Much of the world cooks vegetarian as a matter of course, and Natkin picks some of the best of international vegetarian food, such as Sichuan Dry-Fried Green Beans and Tofu, Eggplant Parmigiana and Jamaican Rice and Peas, and offers simple recipes for the home cook.

Let these recipes from Herbivoracious take your meals in a whole new direction.

Herbivoracious by Michael Natkin (Harvard Common Press, 2012)

By Nicki Pendleton Wood