10 Cookbooks We Love for Kids

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on July 25, 2012
10 Cookbooks We Love for Kids
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Every month we discover new and adorable cookbooks for kids. Some are strictly cookbooks, others contain both stories and recipes, and yet others are books on healthy eating. Here’s our recommended reading list for kids and moms alike. They’re great reads, and if they get you in the kitchen, all the better.

Healthy Foods from A to Z (Moonstone Press. LLC)

An adorable book consisting of 18 food faces made from ingredients listed in English and Spanish. The book helps kids learn their ABC’s, new foods and Spanish. It also contains an extensive glossary of common foods, where they’re grown, their nutrition and how they’re eaten.

The Silver Spoon for Children: Favorite Italian Recipes

This is a cookbook for the kid who loves to cook. Its recipes are graphically and beautifully illustrated , the food is not oversimplified and the book features Italian classics that the entire family will enjoy.

The Cookbook for Girls

I couldn’t wait to share this book with my then, 12 year old daughter. She stickied the entire book up with Post-Its, and placed it in a pile where I found it 2 years later.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Young Readers

I took this book home for my kids and found myself reading it. It connects in a way that, honestly the adult version The Omnivores Dilemma didn’t for me. There are no recipes but it will instill an understanding of where our food comes from and the price we pay for it.

Everybody Eats Lunch

A perfect book for small children who are starting to learn about other cultures, Everybody Eats Lunch features a different country on each page and contains colorful removable images of food.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

How intriguing is it to see what a family of 6 in Chad eats? With beautiful photos this book, from Tricycle press, profiles 30 families from around the world and what they eat in a week. The contrast is mind-boggling, and the book intriguing. Get an inside glimpse at Time.com

Portion Size Me

Fed up with his weight and being bullied, Marshall Reid, then 12, set himself and his family on a quest to eat right. He called it Portion Size Me after watching the critically acclaimed documentary Super Size Me. This book documents his quest with tips, anecdotes and recipes..  Follow Marshall and his eating adventures at portionsizeme.me

Watch our interview with Marshall and his mom:

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Blue Moon Soup

We love this book for it’s whimsical dreamy illustrations. Sit down and flip though it as you would any picture book with your kids. Soup is one of the best dishes for beginner cooks. It’s terribly forgiving and comforting to make. These recipes by Chef Gary Goss are keepers.

Twist it Up: More Than 60 recipes from an Inspiring Chef

When cancer struck young Jack Witherspoon, he found the TV food Network and his love affair with cooking began. Years, many fundraisers and countless recipes later, he penned this inspiring book full of kid-friendly recipes with his mom.

World Without Fish

Imagine that…toxic oceans void of all marine life except for stinging jelly fish. According to Mark Kurlansky, it could happen within 50 years. Through bright illustrations, comics, and easy to read text, Kurlansky educates kids on the human and environmental threats to our oceans—and tells them what they can do to help. A great read for older kids, teens and even adults.

—By Jill Melton, Relish Editor

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